Childhood Cancer Awareness Ribbons

What childhood cancers do the colored ribbons represent?

Childhood cancer awareness ribbons are something you’ll see worldwide as different organizations and families show their support for loved ones by wearing or showcasing a ribbon of a specific color.

Gold represents all types of childhood cancer and Lavender represents all cancers.

Brain (grey)

Leukemia (orange)

Liver (emerald)

Lymphoma (lime)

Kidney (orange)

Bone cancer (yellow)

Head/neck (burgundy/ivory)

When is childhood cancer awareness month?

September of each year is childhood cancer awareness month.

When is childhood cancer awareness day?

February 15 is when there’s a worldwide celebration to raise awareness of childhood cancer and express support for the families touched by pediatric cancer.

Where can I donate to help families effect by childhood cancer?

Right here! Your donation to MVPCC directly impacts families within our community and the state of Idaho.

Is the MVPCC a childhood cancer charity?

Yes, we are a non-profit who exists to support families within Idaho who’s been affected by pediatric cancer.

What are the symptoms of childhood cancer?

Click here for symptoms that can be associated with pediatric cancer.

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